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Classic Burberry Plaid/Leather collar.

Burberry plaid and leather collar
 red, forest, navy
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Rolled Braided Collars won't mat your Chihuahua's fur

Our braided/rolled leather collars will not mat your Scottie's fur. Shown here is turquoise and peachy pink. Select from 18 colors.
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This is what customers say about our Harnesses

 "I am SO sorry for not getting you a photo of Mee-Too in his new harness, he is so furry and it's hard to see it BUT I have to say that this is the BEST harness I have ever gotten it puts no pressure on his throat and for my little dog you know how it is not good to have pressure like a collar creates on a small dog, I am SO happy with this harness, he is 5 yrs old and I have to say in 5 yrs I probably have bought over 20 types that just never worked right till your harness, God Bless YOU, he loves it and I love it and some times when he pulls away from me there is no gagging as the pressure is on his shoulder area, thanks again." Penny D.V.

Collar with Alpine Hearts
 Sweet-Heart collar.
Select from 18 leather colors.
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Little Turquoise Collar - Click for details

Little Turquoise Collar
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Braided/Rolled Leather Harness in all your favorite leather colors
Braided-Rolled Leather Harness
shown here in emerald green
Select from 18 leather colors.
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Favorite picks for your Schnauzer

Designed exclusively by Tierisch Exclusiv! of Bavaria  from the finest European leathers in your favorite single-or two color combination.

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Deluxe Leather Harnesses

True masterpieces of leather quality and style. Handcrafted from ultra soft clothing leather with high quality German hardware.
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Sparkly Diamante Collar - Click image for details

Diamante Collar

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For the regal Chihuahua - Crown Collar in ultra-soft leather - click on image to order.

Crown Collar

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Our Exclusive Star Dog Collar

Super comfortable, buttery soft leather collar in all your favorite colors.
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